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Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic lighting is the ideal solution for reducing unwanted noise in any space. Designed to combine noise-reducing acoustic baffles and commercial LED lighting. With the huge popularity of acoustic baffles and rafts in office spaces and a more gradual move to acoustic lighting, the team at Synergy noticed that there is a demand for a greater range of acoustic lighting products.

What is Acoustic Lighting 

Acoustic Lighting combines a lighting source with sound-absorbing materials, to provide a luminaire that helps reduce unwanted noise in a space. More office environments are embracing not just flexible working areas with hot-desking and breakout spaces, but also the style of open ceilings and visible services. This can lead to hard surfaces throughout a workspace, which can give an unwanted reflection of sound and can make an environment noisier than it should be.

Material Details

Synergy is proud to use recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) in our acoustic lighting. PET is a form of polyester, which is usually used in plastic bottles for drinks, detergent, salad dressings and the like. 

Composition – 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) with a 60% recycled content
Environmental - Acoustic material has a 60% recycled content, and is recyclable.
Standards – Fire specification - EN13501-1 Class B–s1,d0 and Acoustic performance – EN ISO 354:2003
Non-hazardous – no formaldehyde binders are used in the manufacturing process.
Lifetime – PET is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew and will not rot or deteriorate under normal conditions.

Frequencies of sound

There are two aspects to sound which dictate how well we can hear it, the first is the volume, or loudness, which is measured in decibels. The second is the frequency, or whether it is a low rumbling sound or a high pitched squeak. Humans can detect sounds in the range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

Examples of sounds and their frequencies:

  • Tuba ~ 32Hz
  • A truck driving past ~ 250Hz
  • Male baritone voice ~ 400Hz
  • Typical vocal range ~500-3000Hz

Noise Reduction Coefficient

Acoustics is quite a complex subject. In essence, the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a rating in the range from 0 to 1. If a material has a rating of 0, then the material absorbs no sound, and all sound is reflected back into the space. If a material has a rating of 1 then the material absorbs all the sound, and so none is reflected back into the room.Noise Reduction Coefficient diagram

Meet the Silent Light range of acoustic lighting

After several months of research and development Synergy is proud to introduce 7 new acoustic luminaires. Ideal for reducing noise in any space. The new luminaries come in a range of 26 finish options. All Acoustic material contains a minimum of 60% recycled content and the efficiency of British made LED lighting helps reduce your environmental impact. Many of the luminaires in the range come with tuneable white and emergency conversion options.

Silent Line Acoustic Linear Lighting 

Acoustic LED linear baffles are ideal for reducing noise in open-plan offices and meeting areas and they can be combined with plain baffles for a striking effect. Surface-mounted or suspended and available in a range of sizes.

Acoustic LED Linear Baffle Light

Silent Octo Modular Acoustic Lighting

The Silent Octo is a modular acoustic luminaire providing architects and Commercial Interior designers flexibility. Ideal for installation over meeting tables and desks. 

Modular Acoustic Lightingsilent-octo-modular-acoustic-lighting.jpg

Silent Y Acoustic Feature Pendant 

This acoustic feature pendant can be ordered with integrated light or as a plain baffle. Perfect for making a statement in any space. Group three or more together for a pleasing effect. 

Silent Y acoustic pendant lighting.jpg

Silent Raft Acoustic Luminaire 

Acoustic rafts are very popular in the office environment. The Silent Raft accept Synergy Polaris 53 LED linear or Lega track which comes with a wide range of fittings such as spotlights, recessed spots and linear. Available as an acoustic luminaire or plain raft.

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Silent Wave Acoustic Raft

Make a feature of your acoustic rafts with the Silent wave acoustic lighting. Using Synergy’s tubular Polaris N1 LED linear to fit between the contours of this acoustic raft. Ideal for use in trendy co-workspaces and open-plan offices. 

Silent Wave Acoustic Raft Luminaire web.jpg

Silent Calla Acoustic Pendant 

Pendants are an acoustic lighting favourite, that’s why the team, wanted to offer a version of our own. The Silent Calla pendant is perfect for installing over meeting tables, desks and benches to help reduce noise in the office and any open space such as reception areas or quite working zones. 

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Silent Calla Connect Acoustic Floor Lamp

Floor standing acoustic lamp complete with power sockets, USB charging points and Bluetooth speaker. Ideal for informal meeting spaces and reception areas where your visitors can plug in laptops and chargers.

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