LED Linear Tube - Round is Beautiful

Why are LED linear profiles always square? It’s time for lighting to stop being so square. Cool London offices with exposed ceilings and an edgy industrial look deserve better. The Tube is a new round LED linear fitting from Synergy Commercial Lighting.

The Tube Suspended Linear Luminaire is a Type A fitting suitable for providing main area lighting for office fit-outs and commercial developments. The unique circular style of The Tube makes a change from the square profile LED linear lighting that is more usual in the fit out industry. The luminaire comes with a good range of control and mounting options to fit Synergy’s customers’ needs.

Round LED Linear profile

Why Round LED Linear Lighting? Research shows that we, as humans prefer circles. Circles are everywhere in nature from planets and their orbits to our eyes. Cognitive psychologists Moshe Bar and Maital Neta, found angular shapes tend to trigger fear in children and therefore aversion and dislike. This is apparent from an early age, at five months, infants already show a preference for contoured lines over straight lines. Victorian artist and critic John Ruskin proposed six main attributes of beauty that are still highly regarded today. Ruskin listed Infinity at number 1, Unity at number 2 and symmetry at number 4 showing circles are inherently beautiful to us humans.

The tube CU white background large 3 web sized.jpg

Round LED Linear Tech Stuff

The Tube LED linear profile has a nice and punchy lumen output which keeps the number of fittings and the cost per m2 to a minimum. You also get a high level of efficiency at 98 Lumen/Watt, High-quality Tridonic LED components as usual and a high quality and efficient BWF satin opal optic.

New LED Linear Standard Finishes 

Here at Synergy, the team feel that a unique LED Linear fitting needs some extra choices for finish colour. That why Synergy has now expanded our standard range of LED Linear colours to include: White, Black, Aluminium, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Matt Copper and Matt Gold. Not enough for you? What to match your clients brand colours? No problem, you can have custom RAL colours on request as well.

What are you waiting for?

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