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12 Henrietta Street, London WC2E

Extent: Site visit and survey, lighting scheme design, lighting calculations and technical resource, supply of custom-built Polaris 1 LED linear luminaires and aftersales support.

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In 2017 American Century Investments secured their new office space in 12 Henrietta Street nearby to the Covent Garden piazza, the vibrant heart of the West End, and set about turning the Cat A space into beautiful office space perfectly designed as the canvas for the company’s exciting future.

To compliment and further enhance the space, the designers wanted to create a lighting scheme throughout the entrance, corridors and meeting areas that made a lasting impression and was at the cutting edge of commercial lighting design. Synergy were chosen to turn this demanding brief into reality and designed, manufactured and delivered the stunning result that the client and designer were looking for.

In the main entrance, the designers wanted a very complex, branched tree-like lighting design recessed into the ceiling over the guest seating and tea-point area. On the face of it this extremely complex design may have looked unrealistic and unachievable, but not for the team at Synergy! We took the brief and set about designing the huge luminaire in 6 sections of our Polaris 3 recessed linear LED, which could then be joined at installation to achieve the continuous, seamless look. One of the significant challenges that this design presented is how this luminaire interfaced with the constraints of the space; the ‘branches’ ran from wall to wall and continued into the corridor, so the calculations had to be perfect or it simply would not have fitted in!

Light output of the luminaire had to be taken into consideration too to ensure that the design gave the correct lighting level consistently across the space. As part of the Synergy package, our design team undertake all the calculations and ‘number-crunching’ using specialist lighting software, allowing our clients to concentrate on the overall look of the space without having to worry about the detail.

The finished effect looks spectacular, subtly mirroring the shape of the tree in the Clients logo and bringing a satisfying geometrical feel to the space. The timber panelling covering one of the entrance walls further adds to this feel. The angles of the luminaire follow the lines of the architecture perfectly, bringing all the elements of the space together harmoniously and creating the finished effect that the client was seeking.

We have had a great service from Synergy from start to finish. Nobody else could have provided us with such a complex luminaire for the price and in the timeframe

This look was continued into the meeting rooms, where Polaris 3 linear LED was used to create strips of light that mirrored the meeting tables and recessed seamlessly into the ceiling.

Ross Mills from Current Affairs Electrical Contractors Ltd, was delighted with the service provided by Synergy, commenting: “We have had a great service from Synergy from start to finish. Nobody else could have provided us with such a complex luminaire for the price and in the timeframe”.

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Recessed linear LED boardroom Recessed linear LED lighting boardroom