Imperial War Museum LED Linear

Imperial War Museum North – LED Linear Suspended Lighting

Partnering with Synergy ensured a massive saving against other suppliers we considered, I also feel that we wouldn’t have had as much help to get the project through as smoothly as it did.

Project delivered

On time; On budget; With Delighted clients.

Benchmark was able to bring in the Imperial War Museum North project on budget and on time when other suppliers could not meet their budget and timeline for a complex array of LED Linear suspended lighting.

The challenge

Tight project timeframe; Tight budget; Very high curved ceiling.

This was the first time Benchmark Design had installed linear suspended LED lighting, so needed guidance.

Benchmark Design was commissioned to provide a café and conference facilities. The project was on a tight deadline with budget restraints. The conference rooms of the Imperial War Museum North have high curved ceiling making suspending linear LED luminaires a challenge. Benchmark Design wanted to achieve the best overall finish without compromising quality in spite of the budgetary restraints.

Synergy was able to offer a solution not only within the time frame and budget but the quality was fantastic.

Henry CheneyInterior DesignerBenchmark Designs

The solution

Benchmark approached Synergy with Benchmark a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve at the IWMN, but with a request for Synergy to help them achieve it. Synergy put customer experience at the core of everything they do, providing LED lighting and emergency design calculations. Drawing on years of in-house technical expertise Benchmark where supported with advice on mounting from the very high ceiling and advice on up lighting the curved ceiling with varying heights.

The Polaris 1 luminaires were supplied in manageable lengths to facilitate delivery to the location on site. Rapid provision of samples ensured decision makers could to agree on the final finish quickly. Benchmark, where provided with a special cabling suspension method to enable Benchmark’s contractors to finish fitting the suspension wires and power supplies and get out of the high ceiling as quickly as possible.

Rapid turnaround on the manufacture and special freight arrangements with guaranteed delivery of the linear LED luminaires, ensured Benchmark could meet the very short project timeframe and delight their clients.