Boardroom Getty Images head office Dublin

Office Headquarters Getty Images

Polaris 1 suspended and Polaris 3 recessed trimless linear luminaires were used in the recent refurbishment of the prestigious Getty Images offices in Dublin. With our vast experience in lighting design, Synergy were able to work up a scheme from the clients visual requirements to achieve their desired end result within an eight week time frame.

Products used

Polaris 1 Suspended Linear Luminaire

  •  Polaris 2.54m
  •  Polaris 4.78m
  •  Polaris 5.90m
  •  Polaris 6.46m
  •  Polaris 8.42m

Polaris 3 Recessed Trimless Linear Luminaire

  • Polaris 3.1m
  • Polaris Maintained Emergency

TarxLED Downlight

  • TarxLED