DALI Interface

DALI Interface – Total Lighting Control

DALI interface (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) enables easy and intelligent management of lighting, offering easy planning, lower costs, and interoperability.

The DALI Interface is a global standard which provides a single interface for all lights sources and lighting controllers. This allows complying devices from multiple manufacturers to operate correctly within an electrical system. It uses a system of distributed intelligence, where multiple controllers communicate with intelligent ballasts. Each DALI unit can store up to 16 different lighting scenarios so that once programmed, predefined lighting moods can be easily set.

You can save up to 80% of your energy costs when compared to a fixed output installation due to the dimming and individual control capabilities provided by DALI. You can also greatly reduce your maintenance costs thanks to the 2-way communication ability of the system.

Our compact DALI Interface Converter provides addressable switching control to non-DALI light sources so that non- DALI luminaires within the system can be successfully integrated into the DALI system, even though they are non-DALI compliant.

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