Linear Lighting Solutions

Linear LED lighting solutions have become the ‘go-to’ technology for commercial and industrial facilities, providing far superior energy efficiency, longer lifespan, improved light quality, and better control than fluorescent lighting.

Our linear LED Polaris range is designed to cater to every unique interior situation, offering you a rich choice of options when it comes to controls, ceiling applications, architectural styles, intersections, colour temperatures, and length increments.

While providing you with the ultimate flexibility to create inspirational lighting design, Polaris LED is highly efficient due to its 136 Lumen/Watt LED boards. This enables you to greatly reduce your electricity and maintenance costs as compared to previous generation lighting systems.

Polaris’ optimum light output of 2900 Lumens per metre coupled with a 120 degree beam angle makes it a perfect choice for office and retail space lighting. Lower levels of ‘mood’ lighting are available with dimmable versions.

In addition to ensuring our product selection is of highest quality, We also offer you a wealth of over 30 years of knowledge, logistics, technology, and collateral – making us a complete resource for all your lighting needs, supporting you at every stage of implementation and beyond.