Linear Office Lighting

Wellbeing of staff is a hot topic in recent years and companies are proving that investing in this area are reaping rewards from a more engaged and motivated workforce. Introducing LED linear office lighting improves the look of the space and the wellbeing of the staff while delivering significant energy savings, cutting costs and increasing bottom line profits.

To provide you with a truly versatile lighting design, Polaris LED linear office lighting range has a host of options including linear accent lighting, linear lighting pendants, suspended and recessed luminaires as well as bespoke configurations to suit your specific needs. From minimal and modern to bold and eclectic, linear office lighting is a stylish and efficient way to add light to your office.

Polaris LED linear office lighting is manufactured so that as few component pieces as possible are needed to be supplied, making install a breeze. In addition, we offer a pre-wiring service which will drastically reduce labour needed on site and cut hidden costs associated with fitting.

Long-term performance is ensured by 50,000-hour LED chips. Because the Synergy team come from a background of electrical contracting, we know the importance of having components you can reply on. Thats why we use LED boards and drivers from Tridonic, the market leader.

Synergy are leading the way in exceptional LED linear lighting efficiency using the latest generation 136 Lumen/Watt LED boards, delivering more light with less wattage. This not only cuts your electricity costs but also reduces your carbon footprint, and helps contribute towards achieving environmental ratings for your office space, such as BREEAM.

The optimum 2900 lumens per metre light output combined with a wide 120-degree beam angle makes Polaris the perfect choice for effective office lighting.

The team at Synergy have over 30 years of on-site experience, enabling us to pinpoint your exact requirements and fulfil them on time and on budget. We are dedicated to helping you succeed with our unparalleled customer service and highest quality products you can rely on.

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