Silent Wave Acoustic Raft Luminaire


Suspended acoustic waveform raft ideal for reducing noise in meeting spaces and open plan areas. Accepts Polaris N1 tubular LED linear lighting and comes with a wide range of colour options. The Silent Wave is part of Synergy's acoustic lighting range and an excellent acoustic solution for reducing noise pollution in a busy work environment. The Silent Wave is also available as a plain acoustic baffle without lighting.


Key Features

  • 60% Recycled Acoustic Content
  • Bespoke Available


Key Characteristics


  • 60% Recycled Acoustic Content
  • Bespoke Available

Technical Data

CodeDescriptionLengthWidthAccepts LuminaireHeight
AC/SW/1250/1080**/AL2Accepts light1250mm1080mmPolaris N1 - 800mm40mm
AC/SW/1250/1080**/PBPlain raft1250mm1080mmN/A40mm
AC/SW/1250/800/**/AL2Accepts light1250mm800mmPolaris N1 - 800mm40mm
AC/SW/1250/800/**/PBPlain raft1250mm800mmN/A40mm
AC/SW/1650/1080/**/AL2Accepts light1650mm1080mmPolaris N1 - 1200mm40mm
AC/SW/1650/1080/**/PBPlain raft1650mm1080mmN/A40mm
AC/SW/1650/800/**/AL2Accepts light1650mm800mmPolaris N1 - 1200mm40mm
AC/SW/1650/800/**/PBPlain raft1650mm800mmN/A40mm