Polaris 3 – Linear LED Recessed Luminaire


Create stunning lines of light in any plasterboard or timber ceiling using the Polaris 3 recessed aluminium LED linear luminaire, with opal diffuser. This recessed linear led lighting system can be configured in many ways to provide an efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting system. Polaris 3 linear LED recessed luminaire is available in many control options including standard, DALI, maintained emergency, Em Pro emergency, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K.


Key Features

  • 93 L/W
  • Continuous Format
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Integral PIR's
  • Tridonic Boards
  • UGR19 Available


Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Entrance and receptions areas
  • Hospitals
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices
  • Tridonic Boards


  • 93 L/W
  • Custom-fit options available
  • Energy efficient solution


  • Clip-in PMMA diffuser
  • Corners / Intersections
  • Die-cast aluminium end caps
  • Extruded aluminium


  • Continuous Format
  • Integral PIR's
  • IP20
  • UGR19 Available
  • Wide-beam light distribution

Technical Data

CodeLumen outputWattageCut-outLength with FlangesLuminaire efficacy
P03/1/OP/00.5601669lm17.8W610 x 92mm632mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/00.8402506lm26.7W895 x 92mm917mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/01.1203337lm35.7W1175 x 92mm1197mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/01.4004174lm44.6W1460 x 92mm1482mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/01.6805006lm53.5W1740 x 92mm1762mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/01.9605843lm62.4W2025 x 92mm2047mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/02.2406674lm72.3W2305 x 92mm2327mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/02.5207511lm80.2W2590 x 92mm2612mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/02.8008343lm89.1W2870 x 92mm2892mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/03.0809180lm98W3155 x 92mm3177mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/03.36010011lm106.9W3435 x 92mm3457mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/03.64010848lm115.8W3720 x 92mm3742mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/03.92011680lm124.7W4000 x 92mm4022mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/04.20012516lm133.7W4285 x 92mm4307mm93lm/W
P03/1/OP/04.48013348lm142.6W4565 x 92mm4587mm93lm/W

Finish Options

AL1. Anodised Aluminium
BL1. Black RAL9005
BU1. RAL5010 Blue
CU1. Matt Copper
GN1. RAL6001 Green
GO1. Matt Gold
RD1. RAL3020 Red
WH1. White RAL9016
YW1. RAL1018 Yellow
Piece type
B. Bespoke Intersection
C. 90 Degree Corner
T. 90 Degree Tee

Optical Options

OS. Opal Satin Diffuser
3K. 3000K
4K. 4000K
5K. 5000K

Mounting Options

Mounting method
RF. Recessed with flange

Emergency Options

Emergency type
EM/E. Emergency
EM/ST. Self-Test Emergency
EM/Z. Em-Pro Emergency

Control Options

D10. 1-10V Dimmable
DA. DALI Dimmable
DSD. Switch Dimmable
DSI. DSI Dimmable
FO. Fixed Output Non Dimmable
Sensor type
P. Integral PIR sensor