Smart Pro Emergency Lighting


Emergency spotlight, The Smart Pro has a 3 hour duration and a three year warranty. This Self Contained Emergency Lighting Spotlight features a built-in reflector to achieve efficient output and an autotest option. The Smart Pro can be surface mounted or recessed and feature an integral bi-colour indicator. Please Note: The Smart Pro Self contained Emergency Spotlight require 52 hour uninterrupted power supply in order to self-commission. Self-commissioning includes full 24 hour power up, 3 hour duration test, then another 24 hour power up. Prior to self-commission, luminaires will only function for 20 seconds in emergency mode to avoid discharging batteries.


Key Features

  • 3 year warranty
  • European Conformity
  • IP40


Key Characteristics


  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Entrance and receptions areas
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices
  • Stairwells


  • 3 year warranty


  • European Conformity
  • IP40

Technical Data

CodeFinishBattery Recharge PeriodDelivered LumensIntegral Test RoutineLens typeSize
SPEW/R/3W/DST/CORWhite, Round< 24 hours155Dali/Self TestCorridorDia 178 x 45mm
SPEW/R/3W/DST/OAWhite, Round< 24 hours123Dali/Self TestOpen AreaDia 178 x 45mm
SPEW/R/3W/MT/CORWhite, Round< 24 hours155Manual TestCorridorDia 178 x 45mm
SPEW/R/3W/MT/OAWhite, Round< 24 hours123Manual TestOpen AreaDia 178 x 45mm
SPEW/S/3W/DST/CORWhite, Square< 24 hours155Dali/Self TestCorridor178 x 178 x 45mm
SPEW/S/3W/DST/OAWhite, Square< 24 hours123Dali/Self TestOpen Area178 x 178 x 45mm
SPEW/S/3W/MT/CORWhite, Square< 24 hours155Manual TestCorridor178 x 178 x 45mm
SPEW/S/3W/MT/OAWhite, Square< 24 hours123Manual TestOpen Area178 x 178 x 45mm