Sombrero Arc Curved LED Profile


LED Pendant Sombrero Arc, Surface or Suspended Curved LED Profile System.


Key Features

  • European Conformity
  • European control gear
  • IP20


Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Entrance and receptions areas
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices
  • Retail and leisure facilities


  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Energy efficient solution
  • European control gear
  • Modern design aesthetic


  • Polycarbonate diffuser


  • European Conformity
  • IP20

Technical Data

SR.A145 degree arc angle (805 Arc length)2050mm1/84000K
SR.A10180 degree arc angle (2278mm Arc Length)1450mm1/24000K
SR.A11180 degree arc angle (2592mm Arc Length)1650mm1/24000K
SR.A12180 degree arc angle (2906mm Arc Length)1850mm1/24000K
SR.A245 degree arc angle (962mm Arc Length)2450mm1/84000K
SR.A390 degree arc angle (584mm Arc Length)743mm1/44000K
SR.A490 degree arc angle (694mm Arc Length)884mm1/44000K
SR.A590 degree arc angle (805mm Arc Length)1025mm1/44000K
SR.A690 degree arc angle (917mm Arc Length)1167mm1/44000K
SR.A790 degree arc angle (1027mm Arc Length)1308mm1/44000K
SR.A8180 degree arc angle (1649mm Arc Length)1050mm1/24000K
SR.A9180 degree arc angle (1963mm Arc Length)1250mm1/24000K
SR.L13Line 790 mm790mm4000K
SR.L14Line 1106 mm1106mm4000K
SR.L15Line 1422 mm1422mm4000K
SR.L16Line 1738 mm1738mm4000K
SR.L17Line 2054 mm2054mm4000K

Finish Options

R1R.1 White
R1R.10 Sahara
R1R.11 Autumn
R1R.12 Rusty Chain
R1R.13 Pure Chocolate
R1R.14 Mist
R1R.15 Dark Rock
R1R.16 Carbon
R1R.2 Grey
R1R.3 Black
R1R.4 Blue
R1R.5 Green
R1R.6 Yellow
R1R.7 Red
R1R.8 Jungle
R1R.9 Golden Eye

Optical Options

O1R.MP UGR19 Microprismatic (Plus) in development
O1R.MS UGR19 Microprismatic (Standard) in development
O1R.OP Opal polycarbonate diffuser

Mounting Options

Mounting method
MR.SUR Surface Mounted
MR.SUS Suspended

Emergency Options

Emergency type
/E Emergency not currently possible

Installation options

Installation option
O2R.1 Ceiling Rose 1 - Surface
O2R.14 Start/End Kit
O2R.15 3x2.5mm Through Wire Kit
O2R.16 5x2.5mm Through Wire Kit
O2R.17 Body Connector Kit
O2R.18 Kit 7-Pole WAGO (Male and Female)
O2R.19 Connector 7 pole WAGO Male
O2R.2 Ceiling Rose 2 - Recessed
O2R.20 Connector 7 pole WAGO Female
O2R.21 Current Supply Cable 3x0.75mm 1.5m
O2R.22 Current Supply Cable 5x0.75mm 1.5m

Control Options