Sombrero Disc LED Pendant


Circular LED disc pendant luminaire that can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed. The Sombrero Disc LED pendant is the perfect choice for making a statement in offices with your lighting and looks great when a few of them are grouped together. Available in a huge range of installation options and sizes. This commercial disc feature pendant comes in a range of 16 colour options as standard. 4000k colour temperature as standard - 3000k available on request. Direct/Indirect versions (70% direct/30% Indirect) UGR19 diffusers are also available for this commercial lighting product.



Key Characteristics


  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Energy efficient solution
  • European control gear
  • Modern design aesthetic


  • European Conformity
  • IP20

Technical Data

CodeDescriptionWattageEfficacyFinal LumenUGR
SR.D.SUL.11501150mm Disc Suspended with uplight159W106L/W16838<19
SR.D.SUL.600600mm Disc Suspended with uplight72W99L/W7116<19
SR.D.SUL.900900mm Disc Suspended with uplight103W101L/W10444<19
SR.D.SUR.11501150mm Disc105W124L/W12975<22
SR.D.SUR.400400mm Disc36W91L/W3272<22
SR.D.SUR.600600mm Disc47W116L/W5460<22
SR.D.SUR.900900mm Disc68W118L/W7994<22

Finish Options

R1R.1 White
R1R.10 Sahara
R1R.11 Autumn
R1R.12 Rusty Chain
R1R.13 Pure Chocolate
R1R.14 Mist
R1R.15 Dark Rock
R1R.16 Carbon
R1R.2 Grey
R1R.3 Black
R1R.4 Blue
R1R.5 Green
R1R.6 Yellow
R1R.7 Red
R1R.8 Jungle
R1R.9 Golden Eye

Optical Options

O1R.MS UGR19 Microprismatic
O1R.OP Opal polycarbonate
4K 4000K
3K 3000K by request

Mounting Options

Mounting method
.RECF Recessed with Flange
.RECT Recessed Trimless
.SUL Suspended
.SUR Surface Mounted

Emergency Options

Emergency type
/E Emergency (600-1150mm sizes only)

Installation options

Installation option
O2R.1 Ceiling Rose 1 - Surface
O2R.10 4 Wire Suspension(1250)
O2R.11 5 Wire Suspension(1550)
O2R.12 6 Wire Suspension(1950)
O2R.13 Safety Cable For Recessed Fitting
O2R.2 Ceiling Rose 2 - Recessed
O2R.3 Central Ceiling Rose 3 - For 650/950
O2R.4 Central Ceiling Rose 4 - For 1250
O2R.5 Central Ceiling Rose 5 - For 1550
O2R.6 Central Ceiling Rose 6 - For 1950
O2R.7 3C 0.75 Supply Wire
O2R.8 5C 0.75 Supply Wire
O2R.9 3 Wire Suspension(650/950)

Control Options