Sombrero Ring LED Pendant


Circular ring LED pendant. The Sombrero Ring LED pendant is perfect for making a statement in large commercial spaces, such as receptions, meeting areas and stairwells. Commercial LED ring pendants are very trendy at the moment and we have supplied many to offices, schools and even leisure centres in London. The Sombrero LED Ring Pendant is also available with surface mounted and recessed options. The colour temperature is 4000k as standard - 3000k available on request. 75mm profile height. The Sombrero LED Ring Pendant can be ordered with a UGR19 low glare diffuser and come in a huge range of colour options.


Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • Wireless Control Option


Key Characteristics


  • Art and culture spaces
  • Corridors and circulation areas
  • Entrance and receptions areas
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices
  • Retail and leisure facilities


  • 5 year warranty
  • Contemporary style luminaire design
  • Energy efficient solution
  • European control gear
  • Modern design aesthetic


  • Polycarbonate diffuser


  • European Conformity
  • IP20
  • Tridonic or Philips
  • Tunable White Option
  • Wireless Control Option

Technical Data

CodeMounting methodFinishDelivered LumensEfficacySizeTotal System Wattage
SOMRCB/OS/F/0700/4K8Surface MountedBlack3124lm107.7llm/cw700 ø x 70 x 8029W
SOMRCB/OS/F/0900/4K8Surface MountedBlack4016lm108.5llm/cw900 ø x 70 x 8037W
SOMRCB/OS/F/1220/4K8Surface MountedBlack5355lm107.1llm/cw1220 ø x 70 x 8050W
SOMRCB/OS/F/1500/4K8Surface MountedBlack7140lm108.2llm/cw1500 ø x 70 x 8066W
SOMRCB/OS/F/2000/4K8Surface MountedBlack8926lm108.9llm/cw2000 ø x 70 x 8082W
SOMRCB/OS/F/3000/4K8Surface MountedBlack14281lm108.2llm/cw3000 ø x 70 x 80132W
SOMRSB/OS/F/0700/4K8SuspendedBlack3124lm107.7llm/cw700 ø x 70 x 8029W
SOMRSB/OS/F/0900/4K8SuspendedBlack4016lm108.5llm/cw900 ø x 70 x 8037W
SOMRSB/OS/F/1220/4K8SuspendedBlack5355lm107.1llm/cw1220 ø x 70 x 8050W
SOMRSB/OS/F/1500/4K8SuspendedBlack7140lm108.2llm/cw1500 ø x 70 x 8066W
SOMRSB/OS/F/2000/4K8SuspendedBlack8926lm108.9llm/cw2000 ø x 70 x 8082W
SOMRSB/OS/F/3000/4K8SuspendedBlack14281lm108.2llm/cw3000 ø x 70 x 80132W

Finish Options

B Black
RAL Any RAL by request
S Silver
SFX Special Effect Finish
W White

Optical Options

3K8 3000K
4K8 4000K (Standard)

Emergency Options

Emergency type
/ED 3 hour maintained, DALI / Self Test
/EM 3 hour maintained, manual test

Control Options

S SwitchDim