Customer comments and feedback

I wanted to thank you for the lights, all installed over the weekend and they look superb. Design team are really pleased with the results, it looks excellent and the actual light is much better. Really impressed – thank you!

Justin BassDirectorArea

We’re delighted with Synergy’s Polaris lighting at Nexus offices and the service they’ve provided from start to finish is impressive. From providing initial designs and light level calculations right through to delivery, it’s seamless; and they deliver ahead of promised schedule as well. Can’t fault the Synergy team – great job!

Jim MuirCurrent Affairs Electrical Contractors Ltd

Rapid response to his enquiries and quick delivery turnaround

Simon ColdrickCobus Spaces

We have had a great service from Synergy from start to finish. Nobody else could have provided us with such a complex luminaire for the price and in the timeframe

Partnering with Synergy ensured a massive saving against other suppliers we considered, I also feel that we wouldn’t have had as much help to get the project through as smoothly as it did.

Benchmark Designs

Synergy was able to offer a solution not only within the time frame and budget but the quality was fantastic.

Henry CheneyInterior DesignerBenchmark Designs